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Making Sense of the Bible in 3 Simple Steps
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You Can Handle the Truth is a user-friendly and easily accessible guide to help everyday believers dive deeper in the Scriptures and come out loving the Bible all the more. It's sorely needed in the church, particularly among my community—the prophetic, Spirit-empowered and Charismatic believers.

Larry Sparks

Publisher, Destiny Image

Chad Mansbridge has provided an invaluable service to anyone interested in reading and understanding the Bible. His informal and cheerful style, mixed with rich and practical content, makes this little volume a resource that can be readily utilised as a guide for personal study, or as an excellent teaching resource for an introduction to biblical interpretation.

Bruce W. Gore

JD Adjunct Professor of Theology, Whitworth University (retired)

In You Can Handle the Truth, Chad Mansbridge ... has taken the complex subject of hermeneutics and, through his use of humour, stories and examples, made it accessible to the wide audience in the church. I recommend this work to anyone who wants to confidently read the Scriptures in a more thorough and meaningful way.

Phillip Barnard

PhD, fmr Teaching Pastor and Senior Lecturer at Hillsong Church Ministry School London.

You Can Handle the Truth is a gift to the body of Christ. Chad communicates important biblical truths in a way that is so refreshing, teaching people how to read, interpret and apply the word of God for themselves. As well as being an excellent resource for bible colleges and ministry schools, this book is a valuable equipping tool for believers from all walks of life.

Katherine Ruonala

Pastor, Glory City Church Australia.

Biblical interpretation doesn’t have to be difficult. It is an enjoyable and fulfilling endeavor when you know how to do it properly. Chad Mansbridge offers you the tools you’ll need to get started in You Can Handle the Truth. His simple, breezy approach is sure to keep your interest as he guides you through getting the most out of the sacred text.

Chris Palmer

Author, Greek of the Week.

In a post-truth world, Chad Mansbridge sounds a clarion call to return to the truth revealed in God’s Word—a truth that can be known and that will set your heart ablaze! This practical book will equip you with the tools you need to draw out the treasures of Scripture and help you see the big biblical picture. It is a welcome antidote to biblical illiteracy.

Dr. Paul Ellis

Author, Escape to Reality.

Chad peels back the inaccessibility that's commonly associated with Bible hermeneutics ... We will definitely be using this resource in our ministry school and highly recommend it to other Bible schools as well. Whether you are new in the journey of reading the Scriptures, or an experienced preacher of the Word, this is the book for you!

Mylene Evangelista

Pastor, New Life Main Philippines.

For a Christian reading public used to brevity of expression and instant-fix solutions, Chad has hit the mark. He communicates clearly; he doesn’t waffle, he is straight to the point. This is a book for Christians both new and old: clear enough for newcomers to the Bible yet deep enough for long-time Scripture readers. I have no doubt you will relish it.

Dr. Barry Chant

Founding President, Tabor College Australia.

For years now I have witnessed Chad minister on multiple continents and in many contexts. I am consistently stunned at his capacity to present complex truth in such simple, clear and helpful ways. You Can Handle the Truth sequences with escalating clarity, truth compounding truth, in Chad’s classic style. Highly relevant and strongly recommended.

Rob Rufus

Pastor, City Church Intl. Hong Kong

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Husband to Jaye and father to four amazing kids, Chad M. Mansbridge is also a pastor, author, content creator, conference speaker, and one of Australia’s most dynamic Bible teachers—known for his ability to communicate profound and complex truth with clarity, simplicity, and a whole lot of fun.

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